How to Find a Good Medium and Referrals

Remember – please don’t tell the medium anything when you make that appointment! It’s our job to deliver messages to you.

When I did my study, one of the questions I asked was, “How did you find the medium you worked with?” and “Would you recommend that people find a medium the same way you did?”

I’ve listed the responses in order of most popular to least popular.

Referral (most popular means)

Respondents, while most often recommending this way of finding a medium, also emphasized choosing trustworthy sources to seek referrals from. This makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, you wouldn’t ask for the accountant of someone who is terrible with money, would you? You’d more likely speak to someone who has a better understanding of what makes for a good accountant.

Mediumship Demonstration: The advantage here is that you can see the medium work and get a sense of whether this person would be someone you’d like to work with yourself. (Getting a short reading during a demo is, of course, a plus, but there is no guarantee of that.) The size of the group at a demo can range from half a dozen to, in the case of well known mediums, thousands of people.

Much like a demonstration is a psychic circle. Here, the medium usually works with a small group of people. (Be aware, though, that these circles can be larger. I’ve seen up to 40 people in one.) The main thing is that here, as in a mediumship demonstration, you have the opportunity to get a good sense of how the medium works and whether this is someone you’d like to work with.

Another option is a mediumship party. Again, this is the same idea as a demonstration or circle, but, in my experience, this type of function is private, by invitation only. The advantage to participating is having the opportunity to get a sense of the medium as a person and see how he or she works. The chances of being read are fairly high.

Website Referrals: Several people used this method to find a medium and had good luck. You’ll want to go to a website that you trust and that you have good reason to trust. Perhaps it is the website of a well known medium that you have researched and find worthy of your trust, or a teacher whose classes you have attended, who has referrals on his or her website.

Classes: A number of people communicated that they had selected a medium through having had classes with that person. This is another good way to get a sense of that person and a feel for whether you might find this person someone you could work with.

Psychic Fair: One person related having found a medium via a psychic fair. At these fairs, you pay for a short session and it gives you the opportunity to see how the medium works. It can also give you a sense of what sort of person the medium is.

Radio Demonstration: One person said that she heard the medium on the radio a number of times and decided to book a reading, which turned out well, according to the person who sent in the information. Radio demonstrations are not as good as a demonstration by the medium in person, in my opinion, as you get less of a complete picture of the medium.

Spiritualist Church

Spiritualists believe in a life for the soul, or spirit, after the death of the body. The exceptional point about Spiritualists is that they support communication with those on the other side. This is done within the context of their services. They see mediumship as sacred work (a belief I share wholeheartedly). While no one I spoke to recommended this way of finding a medium, I believe it is a very viable option. The church has a system of testing mediums, too, so they must meet certain standards. If you have access to a Spiritualist Church, you may wish to consider attending a mediumship demonstration there to gain a sense of whether this might be the place where you could find a medium. (There is a chance that you may receive a short reading at the demonstration as well.) The administrative staff of the church should be able to help you to make an appointment to see one of the mediums affiliated with their church.

Best Psychic Mediums

Bob Olson was a private investigator who worked for legal firms for years. After the death of his father, Bob, a cynic in regards to mediumship, sought readings to see if contact with his father might be possible after all. A lengthy reading gave him indisputable evidence of the presence of his father and changed his mind about mediumship. He decided to use his skills as a private investigator to test mediums and psychics, in order to provide people with a list of those mediums and psychics that were highly skilled and worked with integrity. You’ll find that group at his website, listed above. In my opinion, Bob has provided a wonderful service to people with his work and, if you are looking for a medium, this would be another trustworthy way of finding one.