About Mediumship

Welcome to this website dedicated to mediumship and intuitive work!

You may be here because you have lost someone and would like to know more about the possibility of connecting with that person through mediumship. You’re not alone in that. I created this website to support you in your search and to better equip you for it.

What is mediumship? That’s an excellent question. Mediumship is the ability to connect with the consciousness of those who have passed to the other side. In simple terms, it is the ability to talk to those who have died. I don’t like to say, “talk to the dead,” because, the fact is, we don’t really die. The body dies, but the soul remains.

So how does a person connect to those on the other side? How does it work? I wish I could give you a cut-and-dried answer, but I can’t. The research I have done indicates that we still don’t really understand how this works. My own personal opinion is that mediums are able to hone into a frequency, a kind of energy, that we just don’t know enough about yet. There was a time when we did not know about microwaves or gamma waves, or x-rays, for that matter. We did not understand that the light spectrum also contained infrared and ultraviolet. In the same way, I believe that the energy palette extends beyond what we currently are aware of. There is a good deal of work being done right now by reputable organizations such as Windbridge Institute, A.R.E., and the Rhine Research Center – to name only a few – on metaphysics, and quite a few mediums are participating in that research. I am hopeful that one day in the near future, we will be able to explain this phenomenon in scientific terms.

When a medium connects to a soul, it’s not the same as having a conversation with someone who is in the body. Each medium has a gift for communication via what the medium John Holland has called, “soul senses.” That is to say, we have an energetic set of senses, just as we have a physical set. These are sometimes called the “clairs.” They include clairvoyance (seeing); clairaudience (hearing); clairsentience (touch or feeling); claircognizance (inner knowing); empathy (feeling emotion on that energetic level); clairolfaction and clairgustance (smell and taste). Many mediums have one or two of these senses, others have more. Some possess one sense very powerfully, and one or two less strongly. Some mediums have all of these senses.

With these senses, mediums communicate with those who have passed. So a clairvoyant, will have to be able to understand the communications of the other side through the use of images. This narrower field of options can be challenging and, of course, it means that communication is quite different from our day-to-day interactions.

Then again, even a medium who possesses all of the senses listed above, as I do, must still learn how to use them. And possessing all of the senses does not make a medium better than a medium who has only a few. A medium can be superb even with just a few of the senses. It depends on ability, willingness to train those abilities, perseverance and practice.

Another complicating factor is the soul we are communicating with. Souls come forward much as they were in life. Some found communication challenging in life, and they can often find it challenging in the afterlife. For example, a quiet person often remains quiet after passing. A shy person may not want to say very much.

One more thing that complicates matters is the connection. Just as when tuning into a radio station, searching for the right frequency, we seek the right frequency when we “tune in” to a soul. That can take a little time, or it can happen right away. It’s just another element of the work to take into consideration.

There is so much more to mediumship than I can summarize in this short description. Yet I would like to bring up one more point: Most importantly, mediumship is about service. We connect people to their loved ones for another chance to be together, to finish up anything that needs to be completed, to exchange a few last words, to forgive, and perhaps, to begin to heal. We have the opportunity to be the messenger for a little while. A good medium does not take that responsibility lightly.

Remember though, that you can connect with your loved ones without a medium. If you want to communicate with them, just intend to do so. They can hear you. They can feel your love. But if you want to hear them, that’s when a good medium can be helpful.

The Goal of This Website

The idea of a website dedicated to my mediumship work was not my only goal; my goal was to help people better understand what mediumship is; what a good, solid reading looks like; and how to find a medium of integrity. That is the heart of this website.

Soon after I had the inspiration to create this website, I realized I needed help. If the website was meant to serve people, then I needed to find out what questions people had, and what their experiences were regarding mediumship. I needed to reach out to people. I started by contacting everyone on my mailing list, then I turned to all of the students in my class at my university. Finally, a good friend in the field of mediumship shared her large mailing list with me for this research. Through these avenues, I sent a request to interview people on their experiences with mediums, and also to interview those people who had considered going to a medium but had decided against it. In all, I contacted about 1,350 people. Fifty people expressed interest in the project. I ended up interviewing 43.

I asked everyone seven questions:

1. Have you ever been to a medium?

2. If no, did you ever consider going?

3. If no, why did you decide against it?

4. If you have been to a medium, what about the experience did you find positive?

5. What about the experience did you find negative?

6. Did you feel something was missing during the session, and if so, what was missing for you?

7. How did you find out about the medium? Would you recommend that people find a medium the same way you did?

Combining their answers, and the many questions they had, with my own knowledge of mediumship and a great deal of additional research, I created this website. So this is the culmination of people’s experiences and opinions, along with my experiences as a medium and my opinions, plus research. Nothing is set in stone; feel free to take what you find helpful and leave anything that does not resound in you. As in everything, you must find your own truth.

I hope this website assists you in your search for information, and that you leave the site better equipped to experience a mediumship reading.

-Colleen Salomon