What to Expect from a Good Intuitive Reading

What Is a Good Reading Like?

It’s reassuring to have some idea of what you can reasonably expect from a reading.

This page is devoted to helping you get a sense of what a good reading is like.

Intuitives (or psychics) have offices in various places. Some use their homes, while others may have an office at a bookstore, in a wellness center, or an office building. If you meet in person, the room where the session is held should be one that affords you privacy. It should also be clean and pleasant. There is no need for a creepy atmosphere in order to have a successful reading. If possible, you may want to visit the space before having a reading, just to be sure you are comfortable there.

If you have a reading over the phone, you can expect it to begin punctually. You should be able to hear clearly. Whether it be in person or over the phone, interruptions are to be held to none or to a bare minimum. (You can help, too, by clearing that time of all interruptions.)

By the way, you may be asked to sign a release form before the reading begins.

When the session opens, if you haven’t been sent an information sheet before the meeting, the intuitive may go over a few points that will make the reading run more smoothly. As the session commences, some practitioners take a few moments to meditate in order to connect to the energy of the soul. Others may be speaking to you and at the same time looking for the connection.

Each intuitive works a little differently. To give you a sense of how a reading might run, I would like to describe the way I like to arrange my readings. This is the type of reading I aim for, in the order I like to deliver the information.

First of all, I ask only for your first name. I would prefer to have no other information, because a clean slate is easiest to read from.

I often begin to receive information in the days leading up to a reading. I generally give this information at the start of the reading – before any taking any questions.

After I have given the information that I received before the reading, I will ask you if you have a question. This can be challenging, as I would like the question to be devoid of specific information. “How does my career look in the next six months?” is fine. “How does my career as an entrepreneur running my own catering business in the Bay Area of California over the next six months look?” contains too much information. So communicating with me using the least amount of information possible is very helpful. The fewer pieces of information given to my conscious mind, the easier it is for me to read from a place of objectivity. That said, your questions are welcome. I’ve had clients bring lists of questions. That’s absolutely fine. I do my best to get to as many as possible.

I like to work in an orderly fashion, and so I will go over various areas of your life (with your permission), one at a time: relationships, finances, career, future plans, etc.

expectgoodmediumDuring the reading, at times I’ll ask you: “Does that make sense to you?” I’d ask you to respond only with “yes,” “no,” or “I need more information to answer that.” I ask that a number of times throughout the reading, in order to ensure that I am staying on the right path, allowing me to make the most of your time.

I receive information via sight, hearing, smell, and taste. I also receive information in the form of simply knowing. And I receive emotions as well as messages in the body. In other words, I have access to every avenue open to an intuitive. This is not the case with many intuitives (in fact, an intuitive can do wonderful work with just one or two highly honed gifts). I consider myself fortunate, and at the same time, I acknowledge that a lot of information is coming to me very quickly.

None of us bat a thousand, but the main thing is to get many correct hits. Be prepared for a mistake or two. The goal is that most of the information be correct. Now, if you are only getting very general information, leading questions, or errors in a reading, you may be in the presence of an unskilled intuitive, or an intuitive who does not have a connection, or possibly, a charlatan. The information should be specific enough so that you know you are receiving information that is for you and you alone. It should resonate in you. There may even be moments where you think, “How could she know that? I’ve never told anyone that.” Those moments are one of the ways you know you are getting a legitimate reading.