What are Some Red Flags?

Red Flags!

When I interviewed people on their experiences with intuitives (or psychics, as they are also known), they were kind enough to share pitfalls they had experienced. All of them expressed the wish to help others avoid what they went through. With that goal in mind, I’d like to share those experiences with you. (Some of these experiences were in connection to finding mediums, but the advice holds true for those seeking intuitives as well.)

Here’s a quick summary of common danger signals:

Intuitives who say they can take a spell or curse away that has been put on you. My advice: leave.

Intuitives who want you to send or wire sums of money to them to buy a candle, crystal, or anything, for that matter, to take away a curse, evil spell, bad luck, or bad “karma.”

Cut to the chase: If someone is using fear to try to get you to do something, especially something that will be to their benefit – think twice.

Intuitives who try too hard to get you to book another session. An intuitive of integrity will not create a “psychic junkie” situation. You decide how much is right for you.

Intuitives who don’t respect your free will and your right to decide what is right for you.

Remember to trust your instincts!

Experiences of Interviewees:

One respondent said she stopped to see a storefront psychic on a whim. She happened to see a storefront psychic’s place and just walked in. (In my opinion, this is not a good idea. You simply do not know what you are in for. Do some checking before going to a psychic or medium.) This respondent fell into the hands of a most untrustworthy person and ended up giving that person a great deal of money over an extended period of time.

Another heard an advertisement for a company that offers psychic readings over the phone. She said that while some of the readings were good, others were not, and, when she calculated the cost, she realized she had spent a good deal of money. (Again, this is her personal experience and may not be that of everyone who uses this type of work.)

Another respondent described her experience of finding a medium over Ebay. She describes it as a very negative experience. I’m not saying that all mediums who advertise over Ebay are poor mediums; I am saying that , in my opinion, the client does not have enough information to make an informed judgment when choosing a medium or intuitive based solely on the Ebay information.

A police officer who participated in the interview process commented on the necessity of doing thorough research and making sure that the sources of information used are reliable. He prefers firsthand referrals – in other words, referrals from people who have actually seen that medium or intuitive. He cautioned against choosing someone right out of the phonebook, with no knowledge about that person.

One interviewee made a list of her red flags, such as mediums or intuitives who:

 State you need to make many return visits for some reason.

 Give you too much information on other people that invades their privacy and has no specific use.

 Give fear-based information from guides or loved ones.

 Promise that you will hear from a certain individual.

 Provide information that, for the most part, cannot be validated.

• Attempt to get their clients dependent on them.