How You Can Help Make a Great Intuitive Reading

You, the client, play an important role in helping to make a reading go well. You can make things go more smoothly at your reading by following the rules below.

Before the Reading:

Giving the reading some thought beforehand can be make a difference to the quality of that experience for you. You might reflect on what issues seem to come up for you time and again. What questions about your life pop into your mind with regularity? If you connect with a Higher Power, you might also ask for guidance on choosing those questions. In addition, asking for the presence and guidance of the Higher Power during the reading would be very helpful.


Do not come to an intuitive (or psychic) if you have been drinking or using drugs.

While a certain amount of healthy skepticism is fine, do try to come in an open frame of mind.

During the Reading

1. Turn off your cell phone.

2. Try to be patient – it may take a few minutes for the intuitive to find the correct energetic frequency.

3. Do not say very much. “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” are all good responses. Sometimes it’s helpful to tell the intuitive a word or two more. (“I don’t think you’re on the right track” or “Yes! That makes perfect sense to me” are both useful to save time.) It’s the medium’s job to give you the messages.

4. Remember to make notes of the things that don’t make sense to you, or that you don’t know. Often things will make sense later; you’ll remember something or future events will allow you to see the information differently. That said, most of the information given to you generally makes sense at the time of the reading.

Know that the messages will never be harsh, judgmental, or critical. The messages are unfailingly given to me just as I deliver them, with kindness.