FAQs on Intuitive Readings

How does this work?

I connect with my guides, who connect with the guides of the client. Guides participate in sessions with messages that will assist the client’s movement forward on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. The information comes to me in words and sounds, images, a certainty or knowledge, sensations in the body, such as pains, cold, heat, etc., emotions that run through me, even tastes and smells. In other words, I receive information in every way possible for an intuitive. This means that I can supply the guides with a wide variety of ways to express themselves and they certainly take advantage of that!

How accurate are you?

That differs according to the reading. Under strict testing conditions, such as those at the Rhine Institute, the best intuitives have scored at eighty percent accuracy. When one considers that an excellent batting average is three hundred, eighty percent seems high: if it’s your reading, you may not feel that way. That said, in my experience, clients know if the information is accurate. What I’m looking for is that the information I give you resonates within you. That you say, “Yes, I knew that was true. I knew it was that way.” A very important part of my work is to confirm to you what you already know and this can be immensely helpful when you are standing at a crossroads and are unsure of the path. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own confusion, that we forget what we know deep down inside. It’s at those moments that I can be very helpful.

Can a soul also come forward during a session?

Absolutely! At times, the guides will step back to allow a loved one who has passed to offer their point of view. Since I am a gifted medium, I can connect to them as well, and give that point of view with accuracy. As in mediumship readings, validating information (specific details known to the client about the loved one) will be given before the advice is shared. In this way you can know that you really are hearing from that particular person.

I’m a practical person. What if I am skeptical about all of this?

I welcome a reasonable level of skepticism. In my experience, I have found that the skepticism is no barrier to the information coming through. The clarity and accuracy of the messages often effectively and gently remove skepticism. The only time when I have found skepticism to be problematic is when the client mentally crosses both arms and seems to be inwardly coming up with explanations as to why the messages are not what they purport to be. It’s not that the information won’t be offered. It’s simply that I would suggest that this may not be the ideal time for you to see an intuitive.

A healthy skepticism is always welcome, but I ask that those who are completely closed to this type of work consider whether a reading is truly for them.

Are the messages ever critical or angry?

The messages are never, ever critical, angry or negative. On the contrary, they are always given with great kindness, understanding, and compassion. Messages that are critical or negative would never come from a being of such highly evolved consciousness as a guide.

In a group session, will everyone get a reading?

In a small group session, yes, usually everyone will receive a reading. In a large group, that is, unfortunately, not possible. However, the messages often make sense to more people than the person they are directed to. (This is how the guides can reach more than one person at a time.)

Why don’t you do this work for free?

Though I donate many hours of my time, there are reasons why I cannot work for free. Like everyone else, I must support my family. I have also worked and studied for many years to attain the level of clarity and speed my clients receive from me. If I only gave the work the status of a hobby, I simply could not achieve the same high level of professionalism I offer clients. Most importantly, working for free in my spare time would mean serving only a fraction of the clients I currently assist.

Can anyone become an intuitive?

We all have intuitive abilities, including having “gut feelings,” “hunches,” and “lucky guesses.” It is possible to work on our intuitive abilities and grow more and more accurate. I would encourage everyone who is interested to do that, especially if they can find a competent instructor to assist them. If that is not possible, there are many books that can be helpful. Some of those are on this website, under the dropdown menu with book recommendations.