It is the best reading I have ever had.

Alberta Weber, BC, Canada


In one hour I received more insight into my father than I had gotten in a lifetime! I didn’t even have time to explain my situation or my past to Colleen before she started in, giving me information that was so special and valuable and specific to me. The session was just what I needed to lift me beyond a very challenging time in my life, and give me guidance about how to move forward. I felt uplifted and peaceful. Whenever I forget, I go back to my notes and shift right back into that place. I wish the same blessings for everyone! What an absolute gift Colleen is.

Aricia L., Denver, CO


I have come to know and love Colleen. I lost my son in an auto accident six years ago and with Colleen’s gentle guidance I was able to have a powerful visitation with Avery. Rest assured, I was as uncomfortable and apprehensive as you may well be now. I am very comfortable, however, recommending Colleen to you and I am very confident that you will discover (as I did) that her heart is big enough to address your misgivings and to also open your own heart in the process. I trust her implicitly.

James M., Jackson Hole, WY


To anyone wanting to connect with the other side, Colleen Salomon is the real deal! I was amazed by the information she provided and some things she brought up no one could have known but me or very close family members.

I was able to identify and validate the family members that came through during our reading, and the detail was right on! After the reading I went home and took down some old family photos that cleared up any questions I had. One photo I found was exactly as Colleen described it during the reading.

Mary S., Long Beach, California


I recently had my first visit with Colleen, who is an extraordinary medium. She really helped me find some peace and relief over the sudden passing of my mom. Colleen’s sweet, compassionate, and prayerful approach helps to invite connections from the other side and she brings forth messages with clarity, accuracy and tenderness that can truly help you connect to your guides, angels and loved ones as well! She truly is a messenger of light!

Alicia R., Tustin, CA


Colleen facilitated a dialogue between me and my mom. My mother transitioned in 1995. When I heard about Colleen’s mediumship, I knew I wanted to try to connect with my mom. As skeptical as I was, as soon as the session started I knew Colleen was talking to my mom. I became extremely emotional as Colleen gently and lovingly shared with me what my mom was telling her. What an experience to be able to speak with my beloved mom after so many years! Colleen is gifted and an amazing intuitive. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity she provided for me to have closure. I am looking forward to have more sessions with Colleen. Needless to say I highly recommend her.

Felicia Penido, Marina del Rey, CA


I’ve been blown away at how much confidence and joy I’ve received from the session with Colleen. I was hoping to connect with my husband. He died too young and I was having battles about moving forward without him. We were such a great team. But Colleen was able to connect with him and engage with his charisma, humor and messages/visuals that filled me with his love, and gave me hope and optimism.

I’ve realized that I need to take ownership for my life and really enjoy this time on Earth, to welcome all the opportunities that arise and go with it. And that our time isn’t over, that we’ll see each other again.

I’ve referred Colleen to several friends, co-workers and family members. I trust her gift and want others, going through the same struggles and blocks in life like I had, to have the value of her services.

Michelle G., San Diego, CA


Can I just say, I had the most amazing day! I spent the morning with Colleen Salomon – she is a truly gifted intuitive/medium! I had an amazing experience – her ability to tune in to my guides and even dead grandfather, was just beyond impressive. Our 2 hour session was uplifting, encouraging, validating, and very much heartfelt. If you are ever needing illumination on some issues/decisions, or want to expand your self-awareness from your guides’ point of view, or want to seek communication/closure with loved ones who have passed–Colleen is the real deal!

Lyra V., West Hollywood, CA


I had the privilege of meeting Colleen while attending University of Santa Monica MA Program. My father had transitioned about a year prior to our first meeting. I was moved to tears almost immediately by her gentleness and connection to first of all me. Her compassion and loving is palpable. Very quickly she began to share with me details about my father’s demeanor, his preferred clothing style (even down to his financially conservative JC Penny slacks), and quirky, funny personality. I knew right away that this was going to be a powerful exchange. When she began to share his message for me, I knew that there was no doubt of her amazing, beautiful gift. Without hesitation I would recommend Colleen for those who long for such an experience. Thank you, Colleen for touching me, and for being an instrument of healing for my heart.

Bill M., Palm Springs, CA


When I first heard that I could connect to my dad I was skeptical but so desperately wanted to connect with him that I went along. Colleen came highly recommended to my mom from a good friend. Colleen immediately made me feel cozy and comfortable as she explained the process. As she started translating my father’s words, I quickly felt it was really him. She was relating information to me without judgment. His unique gestures and slang were so well translated by Colleen. And he talked a lot just like he did in real life! I left there so astonished and amazed. Most of all I felt peacefully connected with my dad. I will definitely be back for more. I am so grateful for Colleen’s pure connection as a medium.

Xcevio Z. (15 years of age), Los Angeles, CA


VERY GIFTED INDEED! I wanted to write this testament to Colleen and her gifts.

A few days after my brother died, I had the honor of meeting Colleen. I was lucky enough to have her contact my brother and she was able to confirm things about him that only I knew. My mind was put at ease as questions I had in my mind were answered about his questionable death. I felt enlightened with the details that I knew to be true in my heart about this devastating situation. I was moved by this experience with Colleen and found it to put my heart at ease and she was able to assist me on my road to healing.

Colleen is very gifted in many facets of life and has truly found her calling. I definitely recommend her works to anyone. You will walk away with a newly founded sense of hope and peace. I felt like I spent a wonderful evening with a great friend.

Christy F., Orange County, CA


I had such a wonderful experience working with Colleen. I lost my father almost two years ago and I was curious if she might be able to connect with him. Without any information given about him she identified how he passed and she was able to provide me with some very insightful and personal information. There were a couple of moments where her voice inflections sounded like him and she used hand gestures like he used to do. I was really impressed with her ability to tap into the emotional condition that he was in throughout his life journey. Colleen is a wonderful person and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her. I even gave a session as a gift to my sister so that she can connect with our father!

Kate M, Napa, CA


I’m not sure that I have the words to truly express how thankful I am but my session with Colleen was truly amazing! My mediumship reading with Colleen was so insightful and accurate. She provided me with unique information that she wouldn’t have known unless we discussed it beforehand. Colleen was very accurate describing my parents’ personalities and relaying messages from them that made complete sense. It was so comforting to know that Colleen was able to connect with them so easily and readily and that they are still around me and wanting to communicate with me as well. Even though I miss my parents being on the earth plane, after speaking with Colleen, I feel that they are very busy on the other side and yet still very connected to me. My session was a very healing experience and I thank you, Colleen, from the bottom of my heart.

Bernie A., Orange County, CA


I have had a few mediumship sessions with Colleen and can truly say that I have not only enjoyed them tremendously, but appreciated the genuine connections that she made with my loved ones and acquaintances on the other side. In her sessions with me she was able to pull detailed information from the other side, of which only I and my connection would have knowledge. What impressed me the most is that Colleen is capable of providing and maintaining a safe, intimate and sacred space in which to do this beautiful work. I look forward to working with Colleen again as I move forward in my spiritual journey.

Ruben S., Los Angeles, CA


Colleen is undoubtedly gifted with the ability to connect with loved ones and guides on the other side. I was able to witness a number of guests verify the information coming forward for them in a group reading environment. Colleen is direct in her delivery of the messages and can also balance the delivery with sensitivity, warmth and respect.

Kanoe Y. W., Los Angeles, CA


My medium session with Colleen was fantastic! The information that she provided was accurate, helpful and entirely unknowable by any other means than through her connection with Spirit. At the time, some aspects of the reading didn’t make sense. Several weeks later, however, the unclear parts of the reading became crystal clear as events occurred in my life.

I must also say that I value Colleen’s integrity. She didn’t ‘fish’ for clues from me in order to shape the information that she provided.

Thank you, Colleen, for saying “yes” to your gift!

Shiva W., Los Angeles, CA


Colleen totally captured the personality of my father. Of course I was skeptical at first, but Colleen really captured him! I felt so calm after my session with Colleen. She gave me information that I had already known deep inside, but it was the kind of information that I really did need to hear from someone else. She made me feel comfortable, was very calming, explained everything really thoroughly, and totally read me accurately. I would have a session with her every day if I could.

Laurenne S., Los Angeles, CA


I experienced two wonderful mediumship sessions with Colleen where she was able to clearly, accurately and warmly convey messages and information from family and friends dear to me who had passed on. One of the sessions was with my Grandfather and the other was with a dear friend of mine who passed away recently. In both sessions, the information that came forward through Colleen was vivid, specific, accurate and undeniable. There were details that she revealed that could only have come from spirit. Without getting into greater specifics, the details included colors, phrases and messages specific to me and my relationship with that person. I also experienced deep emotion both through Colleen as she was channeling the messages and in myself on a feeling level. I found those sessions comforting and helpful.”

Karen G., Beverly Hills, California


Colleen also gives intuitive readings to help clients gain insights on current challenges, on topics including relationships, finances, career, and on deeper, spiritual questions that clients wrestle with.

Colleen! How can I NOT be satisfied with her! Colleen’s abilities, advice and loving, gentle nature gave me confidence as well as help understanding myself, others, past and possible future situations. I can’t even put into words how the session I had with her changed my perspectives and my life in a positive way. The reading was “right on” and provided clarity and appropriate path to embark upon to get resolve. Colleen is gifted and accurate with her psychic abilities, she is insightful and gentle but honest with her advice. She might not tell you everything you want to hear but it will be honest and true. I highly recommend her!

Felicia P., Marina del Ray, CA


The reading Colleen gave me was very healing. It was healing for me to acknowledge and release my self-judgments while embracing my inner strength, knowing and resilience. It also enabled me to affirm the strength of the human spirit–both universally and individually!

Kyle B., Montecito, CA


Colleen was amazingly on point in everything she said during the reading I had with her. And it was fun, too!

Tina N., Orange County, CA


I had an intuitive reading/healing with Colleen. This was my second reading with her. She has the ability to quickly pull out significant details about a situation, no matter how minute. At the very end of my reading, she said something that made me cry with recognition and gratitude. After my reading, she gave me a healing where she cut some cords, and afterwards, I was on my walk up to Trader Joes for some dark chocolate-covered almonds, and felt a very strong sense of comfort, confidence, and freedom! I’ll be contacting her again for her perspective as my life path evolves. Thanks again, Colleen, for your support and insight!

Theresa Z., Pasadena, CA


My thanks for such an authentic and spirit guided reading. I am so appreciative of the depth of insight and wisdom which came through.

Dr. Jean Watson, Denver, CO


I just wanted to thank Colleen so much for the Intuitive Reading I had with her. Words cannot convey the feelings that I experienced during and after our session. I am absolutely amazed at how she was able to know exactly where I was/am emotionally and spiritually without my telling her a thing. Other people are coming up to me asking me what I have done differently as I am so much more positive and I seem to Glow!

Gina Boglino, Orange, CA


Colleen teaches these skills:

I feel SO blessed and grateful to have Colleen as my teacher.

She passionately shares her gift in order to help her others develop their own. She has a very clear, concise and relatable teaching style. It also warms my heart how supportive and insightful she is. At first I was afraid of my gift, however, through her guidance I have been able to develop my gift faster than I expected with grace and confidence; and after each session, my connection with spirit energy is profoundly deepened and I feel more radiant than ever!

Thank you so much, Colleen!

Lauren C., Laguna, California


I had the fabulous opportunity to be in Colleen’s group at the mediumship class at IMPART. I must say she is an awesome teacher! She is truly blessed [gifted] and expresses herself beautifully.

Aileen M., Tustin, California


As far as improvement on teaching mediumship, I can’t think of anything to share. Colleen was terrific at making everyone feel welcome, accepted, and confident in sharing. For my first time at the Mediumship class, I was so grateful to have a teacher like her. There were no nerves and the way she worked to have us tap into our feelings, thoughts, etc., as messages came through really helped kick off my psychic dictionary. She was amazing, per usual.

Nicole H., Tustin, CA


Colleen also connects to animals:

I attended a couple of animal mediumship circles in the past given by other practioners and was not entirely convinced that our animals – our companions – were still with us even after passing. After attending Colleen’s and Dennis’s circle, I have no doubt that my babies are still with me. The validation went one step further – beyond color, beyond type of fur, beyond type of animal. The personality, the silly quirks, the character of each companion came through loud and clear and was accurately portrayed. We talk to our animals when they are with us. I was able to validate the way I spoke to them, the way they spoke to me, the words I used with them let me know that they were indeed there to give me comfort. I was reminded of the most important lesson of all – there is healing in unconditional love and this kind of love never dies or ends. My beautiful baby Xena and my handsome boy Hercules live on. What a gift to me! Thank you both very much!

Joan P., Orange County, CA


Colleen, I want to thank you for the work that you do as a medium. You have been able to help bring me closure and peace when I was faced with the loss of my loved ones. Your messages are always filled with such details and confirmation of the ones you are bringing through time and again: my uncle; grandparents; father-in-law; and even my two dogs, Kimba and Mc. Your reading with the dogs yesterday was great. It seems to have opened up a better connection between the 3 of us. I feel even closer to them then before and they seem to happier to be heard more clearly. It really is quite interesting, the difference of openness and communication between us.

Cyndi Petriccione, Yorba Linda, CA


I was referred to Colleen by a business associate. I wanted a reading done for my dog, whose behavior had changed rather dramatically. Having no experience in this area I wasn’t sure what to expect, however, Colleen’s reading far surpassed my expectations. She gave me tangible information that made an immediate difference in my life. I highly recommend her services as a medium, in fact I referred a good friend to her and I will use Colleen’s services again in the near future.”

Laurie C. Business Consultant, San Diego, CA